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Educational Excellence for Every Student 

This is an opportunity to bring new leaderships perspective in Aurora Public Schools

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Dr Anne with students

I am running for a seat on the Aurora Public School Board of Education. It is time our families unite as ONE COMMUNITY with ONE GOAL: Equal access and a quality education for ALL students. Every student in Aurora, regardless of their race, gender, learning style, or socio-economic background deserves an educational environment and the proper tools to help them succeed.

Our schools face many of the same challenges as too many districts throughout the state and our country; a lack of access to grade-level content, mediocre health and safety measures, a lack of behavioral and social support systems especially while enduring this pandemic. Students, their families, our teachers and the communities they represent, are Aurora’s most important assets. It will be my honor to fight for positive change while ensuring no student is left behind.   

Electing me is an opportunity to do things differently. As the parent of an Aurora student, I am running to represent each of them. When we do more listening and invite the community into the discussions and decision making process, we will build a better, stronger educational system while improving overall results for every student in the district.

Dr. Anne Keke

Dr. Anne Keke

Anne Keke is a native of Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast). Her parents raised her to believe that education is the most important tool for overcoming poverty. They inspired her to immigrate to the United States to further her education and the rest is history.

Anne arrived in Aurora, Colorado in 2001. She is an alumna of both the University of Colorado Denver and Colorado Technical University where she earned her Bachelor’s, Master’s and lastly her Doctorate degree in criminal justice. While immersing herself fully into the community she now serves as a teacher, Anne fell in love with Aurora. As one of the most diverse cities in the nation, the vibrancy of it’s many communities, the beauty of parks and wildlife and the youth who make up the city, is the reason she decided to make Aurora her home.



Dr Anne and her student

Student achievement and testing standards

 Whether or not one accepts the state accountability system based on standardized assessments or not, it’s clear that far too many of APS’s students are not getting the education they need or deserve. While there have been improvements reading and math literacy are far from acceptable, while graduation and matriculation rates are still below the state averages. These results are considerably worse…


Teacher shortages

As a teacher I have seen first-hand the struggles of teachers within the education system, and I know that these challenges lead to burnout and educators leaving the profession. I also understand that the incentives, particularly financial incentives, to join the teacher workforce are greatly lacking. Finally, while 83% of APS enrollment is made up of students of color, the vast majority of teachers do not reflect that diversity. While many of these issues are frankly beyond the ability of a school board member or the district to confront, 


Safety measures

Safety measures, including student expulsion practices and the presence of local law enforcement officers – My experience in both education and the criminal justice system gives me unique insight into the ways the decisions we make in education lead more or less directly to jail. Inequities in the way punishment is meted out, harsh discipline practices including suspension and expulsion, as well as the presence of police in schools are the “school to prison pipeline” in action. As a board member I will advocate to end practices that remove students from the classroom, 


Why am I running?



Schools in APS are facing many of the same challenges as districts across the state and country, and this is an opportunity to do things differently. I believe that students, families, and communities are Aurora’s most important assets in improving results for all students in the district. I am running to represent them, because when we do more to listen and invite the community into the discussion and decision making, we will build a better, stronger education system.



As a candidate my focus will be on ensuring that opportunity and resources are distributed equitably in our district.

It’s vital that all students have access to high quality schools no matter what neighborhood they live in, whether it’s established or brand new, and I will work to hold the district accountable to measurable increases in quality and access through the APS Blueprint.


I will also be focused on bringing communities that are disconnected from the district into the conversation. In my work as a volunteer, I’ve learned how communities can be built despite cultural differences within the immigrant community. I will apply those lessons to being an accessible and open-minded board member with all the various communities that make APS the most diverse district in the state.


Finally, I will focus on ensuring that the district makes progress in accelerating learning for APS students who, like many worldwide, faced obstacles to learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We know that for many students the education system was not working well even before the last year of disruptions, and that these disruptions made the inequities within the education system worse.

We can take lessons from the last year and with the influx of Federal and State resources find creative and community centric methods of improving student learning not only to make up for what was lost during the pandemic, but also to improve the delivery of education for all students.

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